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[05 Jan 2005|03:01am]
[ mood | calm ]

sup dudes?

i want a digi. camera so badly!
my journals so borin without pictures :\
i wanna take pictures of me n stuff..

well thats all i wanted to say..

any1 wanna buy me a digi camera.. hit me up yO! lol

later ;]

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[03 Jan 2005|09:01am]
[ mood | weird ]

hey dudes!

skool sux *sighs* lol j/k.. its ok

i feel weird.. :\

yesterday we went to the movies (me, caro, cristy, n mom) we saw spanglish... DONT SEE IT.. it sux! we were supposed to go to Starbucks after cuz we were dyin for some fraps.. yUmMy :P but yah we didnt go. we were also supposed to go to Bahama Breeze but caro had h/w n Mimi said they werent goin anywhere. so we went to La Fogata.. wasnt all that good. it was me, abuela, n mom. then i felt like really depressed cuz skool started the next day :\ oh n at night i tried to go to sleep but i couldnt. i like only slept like 3 hours or somethin.

today i left home early from skool cuz i had a doctors appt. that felt good cuz i didnt wanna be in skool (like who doesnt?) lol. then i came home n slept for like hours. but now i feel weird cuz i'm not quite gettin used to all this stuff again :\ oh yah n Rita, Diana, n Lily came for dinner. we saw Napolean Dynamite (h/e u spell it) its so stupid but its funny too. :)

i'm so happy i'm done with my midterms. now every1 has to take them.. haha n i dont! :-p

i wanna go ice skatin on friday with jess n jazmin n all of my pplz. lol. i'm already plannin it. lol. tss

ok i think i'm done here..

laters dudes ;p

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[02 Jan 2005|11:53am]
[ mood | rushed ]

hey hey hey!

i'M sO fReaKiN bOred! >:\

i wAnNa chAngE mY icOn.. i dOnt lIke hOw I caMe oUt :\ i cAn lOok preTtiEr tHan ThAt :) lol.

sO yAh i faIntEd oN thUrsdaY :( iT wAs sCuuRrrryYyy! iT waS jUst lIke thE 1 frOm MaRco IslAnd.. i saW eVerYthIn bLacK. bUt thIs tIme it HappeNeD iN thE shOweR (wElL PreTty mUch lIke laSt TimE).

i ReAllY dOnt WaNt skOoL tO sTaRt :'(

well my moms tellin me to get off... like always...

well later

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[01 Jan 2005|01:19pm]
[ mood | drunk ]


hApPy NeW yEaR yAlL!!! HaVe FuN! ;)


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[28 Dec 2004|01:13am]


i tried to change my journal cuz no1 wants to help me!

w/e i'm gunna leave it like this..
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[26 Dec 2004|11:16pm]
[ mood | silly ]

hey-ya! huh? w/e. lol. merry late x-mas.. i kno i havent updated in a while. i got pretty things for x-mas! here it goes.. 1. ae polo 2. 3 t-shirts from ae (one says "smile" n it has a sun with glasses, another 1 that says "love..its overrated" n it has a turtle cryin, and 1 that says "smartpants" :) 3. ae sweatery shirt with a skirt that has a ribbon around it (1 in yellow-ish with strips n 1 thats like gray-ish black-ish with a blue ribbon around it.) (yah. i kno i dont describe it right. lol.) 4. my ae uggs!!! yay! (brown) 5. my ae track jacket!!! yayyay!! lol 6. ae jean skirt 7. pumas! :) 8. some high socks for my uggs. (kakki) 9. 4 cds. (1 from dorrin) h/e u spell her name. lol. 10. earings from quqe 11. ae cami from mimi 12. eye shadow n lip gloss n body shimmer stuff from rita 13. ripped ae pants from vita (lol i'm wearin them now) 14. lip gloss from ceci (again.. h/e u spell her name. lol.) 15. my alloy shoes n belt to go with it!!! yayyayyay!!! i think thats it... well see ya later aligator! U: in a while crocodile! bye bye ;-* :D

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FaMiLy.. [21 Dec 2004|08:08pm]
[ mood | blank ]

now i dont kno wuts goin on.. but some1 better start talkin ...

ppl have been holdin things back from me n i dont understand wuts goin on..


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its been a while.. [17 Dec 2004|05:15am]
[ mood | energetic ]

wazzahh dudes?! lol

its been a looong time but i've been busy with midterms this week n all the studyin n shizzle.. >:-o. well glad thats over! :]

yesterday i went to cut my hair.. it came out cute but i dont like how he blow drys my hair. :]

i'm sooo happy x-mas break is here.. :-P
it better be fun. n i mean fun!!!

well g2g..

laterz dudez
..hAnG lOoSe ;)

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[06 Dec 2004|02:49pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

i need some1 who loves me...
:] <3

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[03 Dec 2004|09:18am]
[ mood | hyper ]

howdy partner! lol

its been a while.. huh?

well lets start with...

ThUrSdAy - thanksgiving at my house ... fun :] oh yea! n my mom grounded me cuz i was online n she told me to get off n i was about to but shes sooo inpatient that she told me like 10 times n i got pissed n i was like "i'm goin g*d damn it" so yea..she grounded me for a week.. until friday (2day) >:-o..
FrIdAy - went with jess to her aunts house.. then we went to her house n we tried to prank call quintin but it didnt last that long.. jess' sis n cuz were talkin n he goes "ileana" n he hung up, we started crackin up :-D i bother him alot.. hehe :-p
SaTuRdAy- went shoppin with raymond, david, & my mom. i turned david into a prep.. yay! he now wears american eagle & abercrombie clothe.. cute huh? ;-)
we had planed to go to the movies (raymond, david, mom, & jess) but jess called me while we were at the mall n she invited me to go to santa's enchanted forest.. so of course i said yeya. lol. i felt bad cuz david n raymond really wanted me to go with them to the movies :-\. o n when we were leavin santa's enchanted forest.. we got this lil train thingy that takes u to like ur car n stuff, n there was tremendo negro next to me.. he was scary. he started screamin "killah, killah, killah" (his friend) n hes like "damn hes got like 4 females round him n he aint even talkin". i looked at jess n we started laughin. lol. now i call jazmin killah.. she doesnt even kno 'the story'. :-].. o n rayond n david slept over that night.. they went to the movies with my mom (lol), while i was at santa's enchanted forest.
SuNdAy- woke up n we ate vicky bakery for breakfast (yum!).. then my mom took raymond to his house cuz he was goin to a 'study party' *cough cough* lol. david stayed with me.. we watched an episod of Laguna Beach.. (the 1 about the graduation). then we went shoppin again with david to pembroke mall n we found mimi in american eagle! so cristy n caro stayed with us n mimi n jose left. then we all went to my house n rita was there so we went out to eat to polo norte (yum again!). finally i came home n finished h/w.. went to sleep late (thats wut i do best) :]
MoNdAy- didnt go to skool...
TuEsDay- nothin much.. i was watchin Laguna Beach (the episod that Trey leaves every1) i started CRYIN.. it was sad. besides i'm a sensitive girl. lol. n Trey was my favorite! hes hott! (oh look at that, double T..wooow).. theres only 1 episod left, i gotta remember ta watch it!
WeDnEsDay- albert n i broke up.. I'M SOLO... paaarrrrtaaaayyyy yOoOo!!! hOlLeR atcha girl! ;-)
ThUrSdAy- nothin much...
FrIdAy (2day)- umm.. ceci n kiki are comin over to help us put up the lights (hassel..h/e u spell it) lol. well at least i get to beat up marcos.. wut a nerd.. he thinks he knos it all (i hate ppl like that). he says ecko, roca wear, n all that ugly shizznizz is preppy. woooowww like no way dude!!! eww. i just cant see myself wearin all that ugly shizz n callin it preppy. lol. sorry raymond, i kno u wear that stuff.. lol.
well i wanna go ta fun places this weekend.. :-D
..we'll see!

damn thats alot! :-O

well g2g..

hang loose dudes! ;]


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